Author: Guru Prasad

How to give access to embed a code for the author account in WordPress

In this article, we will discuss step by step guide on how to give access to the author’s account to embed a code in WordPress. A simple method we recommend is by installing a plugin. First, log in as an administrator on the WordPress Admin Panel entering the correct username and password. Click on the […]

5 stages of Website Development

It is important to remember that website development does not happen instantly. Many moving parts must be in place before your site goes live. You need to consider site design, coding, and testing. You need to make sure that it is responsive on different devices, even including mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Website […]

Elements that a Successful Content Strategy Needs

In content marketing, everything you do should be part of a larger strategy designed to achieve specific goals. More sales, more leads, more page views – whatever it is, you need a fair, attentive, and defined plan. Your content strategy should focus on creating quality content, engaging with your audience, and measuring your successes and […]

5 Benefits of Online Advertisement

Traditional advertising has formed the basis of digital marketing. It has now become a necessity if you want to keep pace with your competitors. With the current turn of events, people depend on the internet more than ever. The benefits of online advertising can be experienced by businesses of all sizes, allowing business owners to […]

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