Audit your backlink profile

A negative impact on website traffic and rank position often comes as a shock for no apparent reason known to the webmaster. However, the most common reason for such penalties or rank backs is the presence of unusual links. After the recent update of the leading search engine —Google, it has become imperative to identify spammy links and remove all such promotional threads to protect the website from penalties. At Angika Technologies, we offer backlink audit and backlink removal services to protect your websites from the ultimate action.

Over the years, our SEO experts have been engaged in developing and implementing methods to identify and remove spammy links; During this time, we have saved many websites from punishment, Google also supports SEO masters who believe in ethical SEO.


Backlink audit and backlink removal services, we offer with customized strategies, cover all critical stages

Site understanding

Link Audit - Detection of toxic links

Backlink compilation

Link Quality Diagnostics

Reporting for bad links to be removed

Deny file sharing

A review request has been submitted to Google via Google Webmaster Tools.