Web Design

Since our inception in 2010, Angika technology has been successfully offering web solutions and also leading some of the most productive online campaigns for businesses – across a host of industries. With domain expertise in the field of digital marketing, design and development, we make it our primary focus to

Can You Put a Price on Your Personal Data?

We live in a world where corporations, criminals, or interested people are ready to pay for sensitive, sometimes even intimate, pieces of private data for both commercial and personal purposes. When you know that your private data can be stolen and sold, it’s natural to wonder how much it is

What iPhone 11 says about Apple’s Present - and Future

Notwithstanding the quantity of polish and Apple magic the company put on today’s big event, there was one unshakable truth that colored the goings-on: phones just aren’t selling like they used to. And unlike other industry-wide trends, Apple isn’t immune. The large-scale slowdown of Smartphone sales has had an unquestionable


Professionally created website is the efficient and most significant to your business as it provides a huge amount of traffic, sales and reliability to your business, which definitely everyone attempts for their business. Website is the digital face of your business and this is one reason which requires it to

Why do website developers and graphic designers work at low prices in India?

It is because both customers and Service providers are responsible for the same:- Customers: According to leading marketing consultants for digital technology, clients working through diverse domains in India are not serious enough regarding digital marketing even today, when information and technology is booming in the Indian Market. They have

Key Services That Digital Marketing Companies Has To Provide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is simply like your own marketing company working 24/7 purely for you. SEO delivers you higher return on investment, as any other promotional strategy does. We have a demonstrated several step processes that fortifies your business not just ranks high, but also upgraded transformation rates