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What is Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool offered by Google that helps webmasters monitor, maintain and troubleshoot websites. It gives insight into site performance, impressions, clicks, top-ranking pages, top keywords, average position, etc on the search engine result pages. Moreover, the Google search console detects page issues and troubleshoots itself. Google search console can be […]

Third-party Payment Gateway(PG) and their charges

A third-party payment gateway is offered by private players developed on their own. A decade ago only a few banks had developed their own payment gateways for transactions. Now private players have emerged with their own payment gateway software that can be easily integrated with payment systems by sharing APIs. The third-party PGs have more […]

How to compress images online

We are often asked to compress images and upload them while filling out online applications such as GATE, UPSC, educational institutions, banking, and competitive exam forms where the database is collected and stored for future use. They set the prescribed limit on image size while accepting the online application. Image compression is a technique for […]

Why does WhatsApp reduce the quality of photos while sharing with others?

The WhatsApp server compresses the image when you share a picture through the app to make it easier to distribute (Lower the file size, faster the download at even slow internet speeds). Lowering the resolution may be necessary to compress an image’s size. decreasing the image quality as well. Because of this, picture quality drops […]

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