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Envirosurvival is an online magazine written by a team of engineers and environmental experts with the aim to educate and make people aware of the impact of excess human activities on the environment. The initiative was taken by the Genex Utility Management Private Limited as a part of Corporate Social

Angika Development Team

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the lockdown was announced by the Indian Government and this had resulted to suspend all the human activities which in turn affected the construction sector to face heavy loss and loss of jobs to the laborers. As most of the laborers in India are uneducated

Create a SEO-Optimized Business Website for All kinds of Businesses

For small start up firms doing businesses, branding and web presence are everything. A massive 57% of consumers will not refer a business until they are impressed with the firm’s website.  People with heavy investment can spend on marketing and branding but small-scale entrepreneurs cannot afford the heavy financial expenditure

Valuable Tips to Understand Your Customers More Closely

Get analytical across customer relations In this digital era, data is very vital for everyone. Whether it is a personal or commercial data, consumer metrics serve as a tool for brands searching to understand their customers deeply and thereby offering products and services that is useful to their customers. Here

How to Do sensitive Marketing During COVID-19 crisis

While every brand is different, we see this as a basic action plan which will help brands of all sizes make the correct choices and avoid serious mistakes. Angika technologies, the highly popular web development services in Bangalore, recommend some key tips for reformulating your marketing approach during this crisis. Of course, we’re always hospitable

Some successfully tested ways to Promote your Business Online

You may have a very limited budget to spend on marketing in the beginning stages of your business, but no not worry, there are effective ways available to get your brand stand out everywhere. Before the web, small businesses only had some ways to promote their products cheaply, through methods