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Angika Technologies: Powering the Global HR Community’s Digital Revolution

GHRC Team The advent of the Global Human Resources Community on 7th April in Bangalore at Vajram Antiques and Gardens instead of, in a world where human resources are indeed the lifeline of any prospering corporation, signifies a historical event for all HR practitioners globally. This inventive platform initiated by the esteemed HR leaders SV […]

How can a good Website Drive more business Sales?

At this point, you may have realized that the Internet has worked its way into the dynamics of our daily routines. In practice, the online dimension has become a customer’s first point of interaction with most companies. Indeed, it is logical to argue that whether good or bad, what you do on a website can […]

Introducing Devin: The World’s First AI Software Engineer Capable of Building Websites and Videos from a Single Prompt

Cognition, a US-based startup, has unveiled what it heralds as the world’s pioneering AI software engineer dubbed Devin. Devin, the brainchild of Cognition, boasts an impressive array of capabilities, including coding, debugging, and deploying code to craft fully functional websites and videos. Positioned as a software development assistant, akin to Copilot developed by GitHub, Microsoft, […]

Unveiling Google’s March 2024 Core Algorithm Update: A Paradigm Shift in SEO Strategy

As the Pubcon event unfolds in the bustling convention center of the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, the digital world is abuzz with the reverberations of Google’s latest announcement: the March 2024 core algorithm update. Unlike previous updates, this one is accompanied by a strategic PR blitz from Google itself. From extensive blog posts to social […]

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