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Welcome to your introduction to everything digital! The world of digital marketing can be confusing, but we’re here to make it simple. We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions we receive from clients. 

Digital marketing

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 Digital marketing encompasses all forms of advertising and marketing using the Internet, from search engine optimization (SEO) to content marketing, social media, and more.

A digital marketing agency is a business (like ours!) that helps other companies with their online marketing efforts. Agencies may be involved as per the client’s choice. For some of our clients we manage all digital projects but for others we only provide ideas and recommendations through consultation. Our mission is to be an extension of our clients’ teams, supporting internal marketing teams with specialized digital services.

B2B stands for Business-to-Business. This type of marketing refers to businesses that sell products or services to other businesses. For example, at Angika Technologies we work with other businesses to create stellar digital marketing campaigns. B2C stands for business-to-consumer, or businesses that sell their products or services to individual customers. While all aspects of digital marketing may apply to both B2B and B2C, the strategy will differ. 

Do you have an audience that spends time online? These days, the answer is yes for almost every business. Digital marketing will help you reach your target audience online and drive valuable conversions. Digital marketing is so versatile, it can fit any brand ! .

Absolutely! Digital marketing aims to improve website traffic and online conversions, thus helping you reach your overall business goals. If you ultimately want to increase online sales, we recommend several strategies to reach this goal. These can range from UX research and conversion rate optimization to improved product schema to social media. When we create a campaign for a client, we get to know their business and objectives, then propose plans to align with those goals.

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You might think digital marketing can’t be successful unless you come up with a crazy-creative idea. This can certainly help, but the real secret behind success in digital marketing is optimizing your campaigns.

When we say optimizing, we mean testing small changes over time to produce consistently better results.

At Angika Technologies, we actively monitor all our campaigns. It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect combination of keywords or target right off the bat, so that’s exactly what we do! We’ve found that these campaigns perform best because they’re consistently improving. 

Digital marketing platforms are other websites or software used to execute digital strategies. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all digital platforms that provide marketers with the tools to share their messaging with desired audiences.

Google Analytics provides essential, in-depth information about who is visiting your website, which pages are most popular, which paths people take to your site, how often you are meeting your online goals, and more! You can use this information to determine which content and campaigns are most effective, increase conversions, and optimize your website for a better user experience.

Google Analytics Goals allow your team to track conversions on your site. Whether it’s a form submission or an online purchase, you want to keep track of marketing efforts that lead to online conversions.

Some of the best sources for new information about Google Analytics and other reporting updates are SEMRush, Moz, and Search Engine Journal. Google regularly sends news about their algorithm updates and other new functions offered in their analytics and reporting tools.

Web Designing

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Do you think it is possible to calculate the exact cost for website development? The website development will be fully customizable, as per the client’s requirements. Nowadays, you can find many options for developing your website.

You can contact a website designer (freelancer) or a website development agency, or you can try to build a website yourself using some of the best-performing website builders. Depending on the requirements and the way you build your website, costs vary.

At Angika Technologies, we set the price after conducting an individual analysis on the projects and after intelligence we work to achieve the desired results.

WordPress is trending. Websites can be built using other platforms like Shopify, Laravel and many more, but WordPress is one that stands out from the crowd.

WordPress is very helpful and flexible to create any type of website without any limitations. It is more important to create a website with more credibility and reliability, so understanding the project requirements and choosing the most suitable platform will help in creating better results.

Regular maintenance is essential to maintain a website’s flexibility and reliability. Proper maintenance will help ensure your website’s security, attract new visitors, increase traffic, and more.

 Of course, we can help you develop as well as maintain a proper and professional website as it helps your business learn and achieve stable growth.

Be it booking a ticket, online ordering, browsing, etc. people are keen to do these things on the go. So, creating a responsive website will help enhance the look and feel of your website on both small and large devices. It increases the number of visitors, ranking in search engines.

Yes, we ensure to create a responsive website that will make your visitors attractive and provide an optimized browsing experience.

If you choose a professional website development company, basic information websites with low functionality will take around 1 to 4 months from scratch to completion.

Website builders can help you build your website quickly but it is quite difficult to rely on as you have to manage everything from the very beginning. An expert’s advice or opinion can help produce better results.

You can contact us whenever you need our assistance. Our team can sort it out and get your site back to its functionality.  At Angika Technologies, we first look for the reasons behind this and then experiment with all the technical configurations to provide the best solution to bring your website back. We will also suggest you regular maintenance services for your website as this will avoid degrading the functionality of your website


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