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An effective video brings a human touch to your marketing. By a video you can advertise your brand or product in a concise way.

Our employees help you to hit your targets with good content videos within your budget. We work with you on particular and sensible video objectives. This makes your project clear Direction.


Video editing is the art of rearranging short video clips into a single complete video with special effects of sound and appearance. Video editing is done on computers using video editing software. The software gives the user more control over the editing and allows how the video should appear. Video editing is an art and involves specific techniques based on the features of the video editing software.

In the digital era, video content has become crucial to engage and educating the audience. Educational tech companies rely on video content to teach their students effectively. Online education is covered mainly with video content. Social media influencers are dependent on their video content. Free video streaming companies like YouTube have also promoted the consumption of video content freely across the world, it also provides opportunities for video creators to earn. Without video editing, one cannot create a user-engaging video.

In filmmaking, the process of creating or modifying graphics outside of a live action shot is known as visual effects. combining live action video with CG components to produce realistic visuals.  If we couldn’t find it, we would make it, we decided. Google does all the analysis. If you search for “video editing company near me”, our duty is to come up and offer a range of video production services be it promo videos, corporate videos.

Video editing dates back to the last century when movies were shots. Production companies hired video editing company or studios for the video editing of their movie clips for special effects. Artists in the studio edit videos using video editing software.


Best Video Editing Company in Bangalore

Video editing is one of the core services of Angika Technologies. Our video editors are skilled and specialized in creating videos for short videos and social media content. Video editors have already created videos for clients based on their requirements for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, short movie, brand promotion, greetings, education, etc.

If you are looking for the best video editing company in Bangalore, then your search ends here at Angika Technology. Our video editors discuss your objective and audience with you and come up with creative ideas and suggestions to target potential customers. Upon approval, video editing is done.

Editing Process Work?

How Does The Video

The video editing process is different from film editing and has multiple steps as follows


Organize your media library by orderly naming the clips which will help to save time. Delete unwanted files from the folder.

Assemble & Review

In video editing software assemble all the required clips in order, and it will give you the first glimpse of the video. Edit the necessary clip with special effects and later go for the review by playing the video multiple times.

Rough Cut

After assembly and review rough cut is done while editing to get the desired effect with correction.

Fine Cut

The fine cut is done for correction at the minute level in each frame. This is the last stage of correction for video editing.


After the editing part is done, it's time to play and cross-check the video and finalize for the publication. If any changes are needed or an error is found repeat rough cut and fine cut.

Why Choose Us?

Angika Technologies is the best video editing company to choose for your video and social media management needs. Our team is boarded with skilled and experienced creative editors having worked with clients of multiple niches. Our promised date of project delivery is what makes us different from other companies. We are always customer-centric and deal with each client professionally.  Whatever may be your video editing requirement such as editing the existing video or shooting and editing from the scratch for a video project our video editors are always ready to take up the task. There are many reasons to choose us and below are the top five

On-time project delivery

Our promised on-time project delivery helps clients work on their business objectives seamlessly.

Skilled and experienced video editors

Our video editing team has skilled and experienced editors who are known for their creative digital art.


Customer satisfaction is our priority and we always tend to be customer-centric.

Working on premium video editing software

Our video editors work on premium video editings software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Movavi Video Editor Plus, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, Wondershare Filmora

Customized work

We also undertake customized video editing work that suits your project making it reliable and cost-effective.