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A web application is a software that can be accessed through the browser anytime. Web applications can be accessed by users worldwide with an active network. The source code files are hosted on a server that is open 24×7. With the web application businesses target huge customers with a single codebase. A web application, also known as a web app is different from a mobile app. When a web app is accessed from a mobile browser, it looks like a web app but in reality, it is not. In fact, web applications are websites equipped with advanced functionalities.

Angika Technologies is a leading web application development company in Bangalore with over 7 years in the industry and delivered more than 20 web application projects.

A web application is necessary for a business that has thousands of daily customers like e-commerce, banking, ticket booking, insurance, social media, food ordering, etc. It is an alternate way to attract customers to your business page. In rare situations, the mobile application may crash or the user might not have updated to its latest version, but a web application allows them to access the page securely.

Web applications help to retain customers by giving the best user experience and that is why almost all the leading businesses have their web applications. It can be accessed on all devices that have a browser installed in it. From the developer’s point of view, web applications can be easily integrated with other software.

Advantages of Web App


Types of Web Applications

Web applications are classified into the following types based on their functions, tools, and technology.

Static web application

Here the user and server do not communicate with each other, the browser displayed the static date on the screen. Ex: a simple calculator.

Dynamic web application

Adynamic web application responds to the user’s request in real time. Ex: ticket booking, e-commerce, banking, etc.
Dynamic web applications are complex and need to be secured

CMS web application

CMS web application allows one to alter the content and functionalities without writing codes. Usually, organizations use CMS web applications.

eCommerce web application

An E-commerce web application is one of the popular web applications and is a dynamic web application where the product is listed for buying and selling. It has to be integrated with online payment systems and logistics partner applications.

Portal web application

A Portal web application is used by organizations/institutions to allow authorized users access details by authentication.

Single-page web application

A single-page application is a dynamic web application that allows users to communicate within browsers.

Multi-page web application

A multi-page web application allows users to navigate to different pages

The Rich internet web application

A rich internet web application is an advanced web application that has more features like a desktop application.

Progressive web application

Progressive web application resembles mobile applications and is offered by e-commerce, banking, ticket booking, social media companies, etc.

Web Application Development

Web application development requires planning before its development and launch. The following procedure can be followed for a web application development process

A web application developer should be aware of all the technologies required for web application development in order to launch a reliable and cost-effective web application.

Is web application really necessary for a business?

The way of doing business has changed due to the affordable rates of the internet and smartphones. A website is a basic necessity to target a large audience with the least spending, but developing a web application for business expansion can be a good idea with a strategic SEO plan. SEO helps webpages rank on the top of the search engine result page.

Integrating a third-party web application can enhance the user experience by adding more functionality to the website. Since web applications have a low upfront cost and easy maintenance they can be used as important tools to target potential customers. A business with a large customer base finds it necessary to deploy a web application that allows its customers to access/visit their site and experience desktop application features. For example, a banking/e-commerce/ticket booking business tends to provide uninterrupted services to their customers but sometimes their mobile application may e down due to maintenance, at that time customers can avail services through a web application without any interruption

Angika Technologies offers customized web application software and web application development services for your business needs. Our successfully delivered web application software includes CRM software, payroll software, gym software, school/college management software, billing software, and annual maintenance contract(AMC) software.


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