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The work assistant software | Angika Technologies

Modern office practices have changed a lot compared to traditional offices as they have equipped with smart devices, technological tools, and well-furnished workspace. Many employee management software is developed to make the work experience better as it eliminates the register works and stress to fill and update it manually. This software also helps create and organize data in a desired manner, with the aid of this software data can be fetched anytime from anywhere.

The accounts department also finds it hectic and stressful to compute the payrolls consuming extra time with errors. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused most companies to force their employees to work from home, and companies monitor their workforce through the software.

With the increase in the project demand employees have to solely focus on the project work. Although attendance update is mandatory, register work should not be irritating. With this aim, Angika Technologies programmers have developed employee management software called ANA. The beta version of this software was already completed in October 2021. After multiple iterations, corrections, reviews, considering the feedbacks, ANA is finally launched in January 2022.

The project is an initiative of Mr. Rahul Kumar, Founder of Angika Technologies upon the recommendation of the Account Team as a necessary requirement for the company. The software is developed under the leadership of Pradeep Kumar, Team Leader of Developers Team at Angika Technologies.

“There were challenges and errors in handling the accounts work like payroll, taxes, tallies, leave computations, etc due to the increased number of transactions and employees, so upon the recommendation of the accounts department we took the initiative”, Rahul Kumar said.

“ANA is simple to use which will give better work experience eliminating unnecessary burdens. Your work assistant ANA will be your best friend as it will give clear transparency along with saving time”, Team Leader Pradeep Kumar said upon the launch.

Other employees have also appreciated the ANA software.

ANA – Your work Space Assistance:

Features –

  • Single click punch in and punch out
  • Daily Work Report submission
  • Apply to leave easily
  • Department notification
  • Work hour and number of leaves display
  • Contact other employees easily
  • Raise a ticket
  • View salary slip
  • Apply resignation

How ANA is beneficial to employees?

ANA saves time and eliminates register work. It helps employees track and manage necessary details. ANA is available in both web versions and App versions.

Employees no more have to make a phone call to their Team Leaders for the leave request, it can be requested through ANA.

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