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Angika Technologies: Powering the Global HR Community’s Digital Revolution


The advent of the Global Human Resources Community on 7th April in Bangalore at Vajram Antiques and Gardens instead of, in a world where human resources are indeed the lifeline of any prospering corporation, signifies a historical event for all HR practitioners globally. This inventive platform initiated by the esteemed HR leaders SV Nathan, Sreekanth Arimanithaya, and Ramesh Ranjan who are well-known HR gurus is set to completely transform how HR professionals connect, learn, and grow around the globe. Angika Technologies founded by Mr. Rahul Kumar forms an important part of this earth-shattering period; we helped with technical expertise as well as dedication to make sure that GHRC was successfully inaugurated.

GHRC: A New Frontier in HR

The GHRC, far from a network only, is rather a dynamic ecosystem employing various methods to promote worldwide collaboration, continuous learning, and professional growth among HR specialists. GHRC, having the objective of connecting HR professionals on a global scale, arranges for its members to have exclusive access to resource sharing, networking, and the latest strategies in HR matters.

Angika Technologies: The Driving Force Behind GHRC’s Digital Presence

Team Angika Visited Vajram Antique and Gardens for the GHRC Launch

At Angika Technologies we pledge to use technology to push impactful solutions that lead progress and innovation forward. Our contribution towards the GHRC project gives testimony that we are committed to this goal. Under the guidance of our founder, Mr Rahul Kumar our team put tireless efforts into developing a robust user-friendly website which was considered as the center stage for the GHRC platform. 

Key Contributions:

Mr. Pradeep Kumar NS, Full Stack Developer: Technical skill and great dedication of Pradeep were the key factors for having a well-arranged, fast responsive website that meets the various needs of the GHRC community. His capability to weave complex functionalities keeping in mind an intuitive user experience has raised the bar of excellence.

By Sikandar A being a Project Manager: the strategic approach of Sikandar to digital marketing was a key factor in the successful launch of GHRC. His close interaction with the founders and innovative marketing techniques guaranteed that the platform was known all over, it buzzed and it managed to get members from all corners of the world.

Celebrating Success and Looking Forward

The establishment of GHRC by Angika Technologies is a moment of pride for us. It shows how we can provide high-impact digital solutions and gives an example of the collaborative spirit that drives our team. We are honored to have done our share in a project that is going to rewrite HR scenarios on a global scale.

Join the Global HR Community

As GHRC starts its mission to remake the profession of HR you are all welcome to be part this international group of HR professionals. Joining as a member, you will have the opportunity to benefit from an abundance of resources, expert perspectives, and networking events with industry leaders globally at your convenience.

Visit the Global HR Community website to learn more and become a part of this exciting movement.

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