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COVID impacts and benefits with Technology

The re-emergence of pandemic has again given rise to its fear and people have got sealed back to indoors all worldwide.

In COVID lockdown, a lot of industries have seen their decline simultaneously resulting in unemployment or some months of salary just so the company can sustain in the market and can rise again after this pandemic.

The IT industry has also faced the downfall depending on the domains they serve, and that primarily depends on the facilitating industry. Service-based companies depend on their client’s domain and if the client is affected by the pandemic, that will influence the company’s productivity and output. Product Based companies, these are catering to a specific industry like tourism, entertainment, retail, etc. have been affected due to lack of diversity in their products.

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People will get to know about the significance and purpose of technology. While comparing it to other industries, IT industries are evaluated to reach a market boom of over 300 billion dollars within 2025 and work culture is likely to be modified in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and flexible workspaces could be in demand.

In this Pandemic, apart from the IT industry lots of positive effects are magically happening all over the world as education has now turned to online learning and work from home became the new normal for the corporates with the help of zoom, google meet, skype etc… Employees have a great opportunity to learn new technologies and experience their knowledge.

According to Angika technologies, the best SEO services in Bangalore we feel that Technology always plays an role in transforming the risk into an easy task. Before pandemic, many firms used tools like biometric, access control devices etc. for reducing human work. On behalf of that automation technology mitigates the risk of COVID by implementing technologies like big data analytics can help in quickly identifying infected individuals, connect with them, track who they have come in contact with,

Angika Technologies, the best Web Designing Company in Bangalore holds that video calling and virtual meeting applications have facilitated the professional lives and functioning of businesses as these have proven highly useful for employees doing Work from Home. Besides technology also plays a major role in Temperature recognition devices to screen individuals, Smart video analytics to ensure compliance of face mask order, Smart video analytics to ensure social distancing and Smart access control devices to prevent the local outbreak.

These automated solutions to public places like a bus stop, railway station, shops, airports , malls etc..It reduces the manual workforce and helps to identify & reduce the COVID positive cases.


As the world is completely struggling with COVID-19 and vaccinations, that is expected to stay with us for more time, every single effort will be made to move a step closer to overcome the COVID-19 challenges by technology, community or individual level. We at Angika technologies, the best web development services in Bangalore feel Technology plays a major role bringing us the opportunity to adapt to the new normal and function accordingly. Thus, beginning a sustainable new commercial venture does require end to end reach with customers online. So contact us for an all affordable IT solutions under one roof.

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