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What causes your website to rank down?

What causes your website to rank down?

Web specialists sometimes suddenly discover that their website has suddenly dropped from the SEO ranking without any notification, all consistent hard work has gone into vain. Now it will be the time to discover what are the possible causes that took your website’s ranking down.
Webmasters should be totally aware of the latest search engine updates, protocols, violations, etc. to ensure that the website is following all the search engine guidelines and ranking better.
Not all websites can be avoided from the drop but most of them can be controlled by making necessary changes as per the guidelines. A drop in the website ranking can happen for several reasons, below are some of the common reasons that throw back the website from the ranking list

1. Lots of low-quality links on the site
A redirect will appear when users visit your website through URL but google redirects the traffic to a different URL.
Suppose you have a website and your link is www. example.com/men-shirts, which belong in the top 5. But due to some changes in the designation of the website, the developer directs you to a different URL. This is a bad impact because through it users can’t be able to achieve their intention.

2. Site with bad redirects

When users search for a service or product, they are more likely to choose to shop on the top five sites that search engines show them. SEO helps you get higher rankings in organic page results and gain more visibility online when potential customers click on your website.

3. Site facing copyright issue
According to famous search engine Google, “Duplicate contents generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar”.
If the newly updated content on the site is found to be copied or plagiarised, it adversely affects the making of the site on the search engine.

4. Quick change of title or meta tag
The article’s title is the most important element in the website’s ranking because Google understands the web page’s content through title and displays relevant web pages in the search result. Even a slight change might harm the website ranking with fluctuations.
For example, if the title of your website is “Top 5 shoe company 2021” and you manipulate it to “Most willing shoe company 2021”, then your website might get affected for keywords.

5. Modification of content rapidly

The website might get a sudden drop if the blogs are kept changing rapidly. Relevant content is the most crucial factor of ranking and web pages basically rank based on the relevant content. A major change in the content can be the cause of fluctuations in rankings.

6. Site with lots of low quality traffics
Low traffics do not harm the website directly but they affect indirectly. If you get any hints that tons of low-quality users visiting your website, then your site is getting low-quality link directories or inappropriate sites via negative SEO or paid links, this will directly impact your website through bounce rate, time on page, etc.

7. Violation of search engine guidelines

If the site gets several copyright notices, then Google throwbacks the site down. The more the number of copyright notices the more is the impact on the website appears lower in the result. Take accurate care of the site and do not upload copied content on the website otherwise, it will hurt your website with a certain throwback.

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