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When your business needs a website redesign?

With the digital marketing space moving at a swifter speed like never before, having an obsolete website can have a pessimistic influence on your business. Two questions we often hear from clients with different businesses, we consult with about digital strategy are, “Do I require a website redesign to compete or rank better?” or, if we recommend a redesign, “Why do I want to revamp my website?”

Angika Technologies one of the popular web development services in Bangalore answers all to you.

These questions generally come when the business is changing its branding or if it is having trouble ranking in Google, but apart from that there are other reasons also which makes a website redesign or its renovation necessary with the changing time.

The reasons below differ in strength and, depending on which reason is identified, ascertaining if your website just needs a rapid design and structure update or a broad redesign, build, and CMS migration.

You intend to change your Target Audience

Maybe you were targeting a certain demographic or user group, and, with the release of a new product or service, you’re moving your target customers or market strategy to other.

Each kind of user that your website is targeting may have specific requirements. Therefore, a website redesign may need to take place to position your website with the expectations of your new user groups. This can include reforming expectations about the following:

  • The words used to describe your products or services
  • How your website is organized
  • What content they expect to seek out on your product or service pages
  • The design elements and functionality of your website
  • Missing or Updating Brand Messaging
  • It’s important to present a unified, clear, and consistent brand message throughout your website. This means your slogans, tag lines, brand voice, value proposition, and mission statement are all important factors when determining how well your website reflects your brand and your business.

Angika technologies, the quickly emerging web designing company is Bangalore adheres to the above points strictly. If your website is missing these core branding elements or they are being updated, it would add up revaluate your website to align with the improve messaging.

Your Website’s Purpose Was Updated

If your site’s purpose or goals have changed, then it may require a website overhaul. For example, if your new goals are to provide more lead generation content, you may need to restructure pages to drive more leads; or if you’ve recently added a shopping cart to your website, you may need to update its layout to be more in line with other E-Commerce websites.

While you clearly don’t need to do a full site redesign each time you adjust your marketing goals or messaging, it’s a good idea to check every so often to be sure your site remains aligned along with your newest marketing plans.

Your Clients or Users Are Complaining

Working closely with your customer service team is a great way to identify issues with your current website. Your website design and content strategy needs to be addressed if your customer service team is getting calls that include people saying some of the things listed below:

I can’t find you online.

Your website is not usable on a mobile device.

I am having trouble looking for and buying your product.

Do you offer product “x” or service “y”?

Where is your business located?

Where can I buy your product?

Industry-Specific Design Trends Changed

Is your website keeping up with design trends? With industry-specific web design trends changing every few years, a website which is two or three years old will seem outdated compared to a competitor who features a website that’s up so far with the most recent design trends.

By no means are we saying that you just need chase the latest website design trends like flat design. When trying to determine if a redesign due to a design trend is worthwhile, ask yourself two important questions:

Will changing our website design be beneficial to how our brand is perceived?

Are our competitors taking advantage of these new trends?

Your Website Looks Untrustworthy or Outdated

Whether you believe it or not, approximately 75% of people will judge the credibility of your business based solely on the design of your website.

Your Website Has a weak Foundation

If you have to spend more money putting bandaids on problems than actually building new means for functionality and content, then you most likely have foundational issues that in the long run will cost you more than if you just built a new website.

Your Website Isn’t Optimized for Speed

It has been found that more than 60% of users expect a website to load in less than two seconds, and 40% will abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Google has also built website speed into their algorithm to reward websites that load quickly.

Two of our favorite tools used by Angika Technologies, the most preferred social media marketing services in Bangalore for assessing page speed are Google Page Speed Tool and Pingdom Tools. These tools report on a multitude of factors that negatively impact speed, all of which are usually the result of one or more of the following website issues:

Server Resources – Many website owners think that all hosting is created equal, and they can use a cheap hosting company; don’t. If you’re building your website in WordPress, we recommend using either WP engine or Media Temple . We’ve used them both and are big fans.

Bad Code – Many times businesses will outsource their development to the lowest bidder. This usually results in poorly developed code (among other things.)

Unnecessary Javascripts – The issue with many WordPress themes is their code includes many scripts that don’t seem to be used or needed. These scripts are loaded on every page – even after they don’t seem to be in use – causing the page to load slowly. Angika technologies which is the Best CMS services in Bangalore avoids use of unnecessary Java scripts.

Image Size – Optimizing images for the web can have an enormous impact on page load speed. If you’re using WordPress, there are plugins to assist you manage image size. These include plugins such as WP Smush, Kraken Image Optimizer, and ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

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