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Why Is It Necessary to appoint a Web Design Company That Specializes in SEO and Branding

Before Your Website Launches

A website should have a powerful foundation. AngikaTechnologies, the renowned Social media marketing services in Bangalore, affirms not only the authenticity of your site but also of the SEO that we ensure your message is delivered to the target audience the moment you’re prepared to begin catering to their needs. Therefore, it is necessary for an SEO plan is made for the website before it is launched, as Google will guide your website and start ranking instantly it is launched. Although the timing might be too early to say the benefits of completing the compulsory SEO tasks before launch is untold.

 Pre-Launch SEO Tasks Include:

·         Keyword research

·         Strategy planning

·         Competitor research

·         Content optimization

·         Title tag creation & optimization

·         Google Analytics set up

·         URL structure configuration

·         301 redirect implementation

·         Canonical configuration

And more

The above factors, if not considered for your website before launch can result in big drawback from which it may never recover. A site should always make its presence feel to its target audience and if it fails to do so, then the key purpose of designing the site is lost. Moreover, our team at Angika Technologies, the best SEO services in Bangalore feels that the best marketing plan ever conceived will hit your business more if it directs promising clients to a half-finished site. These expensive ill-timed errors are generally common when the work of site creation and SEO are managed by separate firms, as there might be a communication gap between those two firms you’ve hired. It can make matters worse, when identifying out that’s to blame for such errors can lead to conflicts, and at the end, it will be you who will have to take the blame for no fault of yours.

Hence using one SEO agency for both tasks means absolute responsibility upon one firm only. It means making use of one team whose members are highly experienced at communicating with one another. It means a thorough strategy and a rapid response to any issues that may occur during the making of your site and of the buildup to its launch. The most compulsory part, it means SEO should be rolled out before your site is ready or vice versa. If one firm is responsible for both tasks as an entire package, then the members of that firm (regardless of the aspect they are working for) are bound to work together to ensure that your site and its associated SEO are developed in a rhythm to become effective at once it is launched. Our Designers and programmers at Angika technologies, the leading web development services in Bangalore are working with the SEO team, and our system of working is a versatile and collective effort.


A a successful launch is a beginning step because the critical part comes when those in charge of your site and its SEO are combined while ensuring that both the factors function evenly from then on. Even if you hire two companies who are highly reliable at handling issues simply restricted to their concept, the truth of digital marketing is that very few problems belong entirely to one side or the other. According to Angika Technologies, the best web designing company in Bangalore, the efficiency of a site’s SEO relies upon that site’s content and construction. In that case, it may be difficult to tell which company is at fault if a certain page isn’t performing to your expectations, and it will be even more difficult to get either to confess its fault and held accountable for it. You might find yourself listening to your web design and SEO companies argue over responsibility while your site (and business)deteriorates; and since both know they’re not entirely responsible for the site’s performance, neither may be particularly motivated to make things right.

Now, just think if you get your site designed and SEO is done from the same firm, how simple it will be with the response to holding the single firm as responsible for resolving common errors. It is because all members are working on the same team and there’s no time wasted in moving blame or proving themselves appear superior to another firm. If the SEO members of the want to suggest something for the boosting of your website’s performance, they can easily deliver that idea to the web development specialists and have it applied more quickly than if they had suggesting to someone, they do not know in another company.  Think about how simple it’ll be to work with just one company when it comes to regularly-scheduled meetings. Fixing a time for you to meet all together with two distinct companies can be more difficult on its own; especially it becomes more frustrating when in a  meeting both the parties argue over how to boost the performance of your site and its style of marketing. Handing over both the tasks to one firm, on the other hand, means meeting with just a single team of people, a single team committed to working together to ensure the persistent progress and success of your business. Aiming objectives, resolving issues, and holding reviews become a part of one consistent operation when you know that everyone’s on the same boat, helping you with every block that otherwise gets difficult to resolve when clients have to deal with two separate firms at the same time.

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