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What is a Payment Gateway(PG)

A payment gateway is a technology that helps the sender and receiver process payment that may be online or in-store from different payment modes like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, wallets, pay later, etc. Without a payment gateway it is impossible to make digital transactions. The payment process may be collecting payment to a bank […]

Use of content marketing in the eCommerce Industry

The creation and dissemination of engaging, relevant material that appeals to your target audience are known as content marketing. It entails starting and maintaining a blog to interact with readers and advertise the products and services of your company. With the use of this channel, you may communicate with potential clients, attend to their wants, […]

What is ChatGPT And How Can You Use It?

Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer and is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbot developed by OpenAI and was launched in November 2022. It was made available to use last year and has become popular so quickly. Right now ChatGPT is free to use but OpenAI launched its paid subscription plan in late January. […]

Benefits of Local SEO for your Business

Local SEO helps your business pages/webpage be more visible in Google’s local search engine result pages. If your business has a physical location serving a particular geographical area then your business can highly benefit from local SEO. For example, a restaurant located at a specific location can work on strategic local SEO to attract more […]

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