Benefits of Local SEO for your Business

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Benefits of Local SEO for your Business

Local SEO helps your business pages/webpage be more visible in Google’s local search engine result pages. If your business has a physical location serving a particular geographical area then your business can highly benefit from local SEO. For example, a restaurant located at a specific location can work on strategic local SEO to attract more customers by increasing its visibility on the search engine result page(SERP).

Organic SEO is crucial for businesses that have services or product shipping across countries or the world. Whereas local SEO is ideal for businesses focusing on and operating at a specific geographical region and do not have the shipping of products across the country or the world.

Organic SEO is required to beat your competitors by promoting your specific brand. If your business presence is worldwide and you want to build a strong customer base locally considering the future business point of view, then you need to understand the importance of local SEO.

Local SEO vs Organic SEO

Google’s local SEO is different from organic SEO because Google takes the user’s location into account when the user searches for a local keyword. The local SEO search result happens when the user even doesn’t include the location/city name or keywords like “near me”, “nearby” etc.

How does local SEO work

Local SEO is similar to organic SEO but local SEO includes the location of the business.  The list of web pages on the search result pages changes with respect to the location at which the user is searching. For example, if you search with the same keywords “restaurants near me” on Google from your office and home which are at different places, the search engine result page will show different web page links for the same keywords. This is because the locations are different.

But if the website/webpage has significant authority then it can appear both on local SERP as well as organic SERP.

There are various tactics to rank your webpage on the top of local SERP and these are as follows:

Meta description;

The meta description tells more information about the page like what information the users will find when they click on the website/webpage. On the SERP we find multiple links along with a short description below it and this piece of information called meta description of the page.

Based on the meta description user can judge the relevancy of their search/query and tend to click the link or ignore it. It is the best way to convenience users to visit your site and that is why meta descriptions should be relevant, and eye-catching

Landing pages:

A landing page is a unique page of your website designed with a single and focused objective. Usually, landing pages are designed to make conversions, they may consist of high-quality images, videos, and product descriptions. It is different from the home page because the home page describes the overall feature of the business whereas the landing page describes the specific brand/products. A landing page is also a vital part of the content marketing strategy.

Google Business Profile:

Google MyBusiness is a service offered by Google where the user can add necessary business details like location, phone number, photos, videos, and opening hours along with website URL and descriptions. The following factors matter a lot on Google MyBusiness profile for optimization

  • Description and categories
  • Location
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Attributes

User reviews on the Google MyBusiness matter a lot as it is visible to everyone on Google and they cannot be modified/deleted by the owner. As a business owner, you should respond/appreciate the user reviews and ratings to create a good impression among other visitors.

Content Marketing;

Content marketing is a marketing strategy to attract visitors to your website by creating relevant content in the form of articles, images, videos, audio, graphics, etc. It can be used both to attract new customers as well as to retain existing customers. Content marketing examples are as follows

  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Social Media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Videos
On-Page Optimizations:

On-page SEO involves the modification of web page contents that reflect on the screen. This is achieved with the use of keywords and content optimization to help search engines and users understand information about your webpage. Other on-page SEO factors are the webpage title and meta description.

Backlinks and internal links:

The backlinks and internals deal with the passing of authority of a website or webpage. It also helps Google crawler to discover new content and index them into the server. This content is used by Google to rank and display links in the SERP.

If a website/webpage gets a backlink from higher authority websites then the trust of the destination website/webpage increases which in turn increases the authority of the website. The internal links also help users discover more relevant information on their site.

Why Local SEO Is Important

Local SEO helps you to drive more traffic to your website/webpage and can make you a frontrunner in your geographical area. It creates brand awareness locally and makes your business popular.

If your target customers are local people then local SEO is crucial for your business. You can become popular and dominate your business niche through strategic local SEO.

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