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Digital Marketing Strategies that helps you optimize your website ranking

A few years back, there were not many options in our hands to enhance our client’s website’s ranking in major search engines like Google and Bing. During that time, Google was just beginning to understand that it was too simple for SEO professionals to do keyword packing, unbounded categorized yielding, and other SEO Techniques.

At present, there are only a few, but nonetheless some of the productive SEO marketing strategies that should be applied to develop your website ranking and see their business grow. Some of the best SEO marketing strategy that we have applied to all our clients so far is given below. This list is a combination of both On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques in a certain sequence.

Best SEO Marketing Strategies for Website Rankings

  1. Publish Blog Posts Regularly:

Content will always rule in SEO Campaign in the coming years. SEO content marketing should be included as your key SEO strategy for the website. Information sharing helps your users get to know about your brand, a concept, products and services and about the changing trends in the industry. Renovating your website with the latest content also offers you a possibility to concentrate on more significant keywords for boosting.

So, publishing blog posts on a regular basis is one of the key SEO marketing strategies that helps you see your website rank for many keywords. On a weekly basis, it is necessary to publish at least 3 blog posts if not 5 posts. Publishing quality blog posts serves several SEO Objectives like the following:

a.) Image Boost:

It is very much well known that Google indexes images as well in their search results. There is a possibility of getting visitors to your website when they click on the image link. You need to add the keyword-focused ‘Alt Tags’ for all of the blog images. The blog images should be in the Google accepted format JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP, and SVG.

b.) Internal Links:

This is one of the most important contributing SEO factors for your website boosts. Google gives attention to the proper interlinking structure for your website. Blogging helps you in doing that. You can publish many blog posts that foster your products or services. For all those blog posts, you should offer a link to either the pertinent blog posts published previously on a similar topic or to your home page or products and service pages. By doing this you ensure that your visitors are engaged in your own website and ultimately register for your product or service. This also helps curious readers to collect more knowledge on the same subject or other related subjects.

For example, if you are a digital marketing blogger and also happen to work for a digital marketing agency, then it will be beneficial for your SEO marketing strategy to publish a blog post on a certain subject associated to social media marketing strategy and elsewhere in the blog post, add hyperlink on the keyword to your social media marketing services page.

c.) Obtaining Backlinks:

If you hold sound experience in blogging then this a very vital domain which comes with having written quality blog posts previously, then you are placed in a better position to get your website ranking at the top for all the relevant search terms in Google search result.

After reading this you must be all excited and wondering how it is possible. Yes, this SEO objective is achievable because there are chances of your blog post getting viral. As a result, your unique blog post might get attracted to other bloggers who write blog posts on a similar topic.

There are possibilities of them adding a link to your website on their blog posts. They are ‘Natural Backlinks’ that help in improving your website ranking effectively for all the major keywords.

At present, with all the latest Algorithm Updates, Google has given more impetus towards getting natural backlinks from better position third-party publishing sites. Getting backlinks of superior standards from such websites would improve the reliability factor and popularity of your website. It would also help upgrade the Domain Authority of your website.

d.) Boost for More Keywords:

As mentioned earlier, Blogging regularly enables you to boost for more competitive keywords pertaining to your level. This means that a lot of other blog posts get indexed in the Google search engine for many keywords computed by different users. Also, if your blog post matches the user’s intent, then there is a possibility of your website ranking in the top position in Google. This helps boost your Organic Traffic.

  1. Upgrade Your On-Page Website Structure:

The index ability of your website should be the key criterion for boosting your website for search engines. If a search engine BOT or search engine crawler does not crawl through your website, then it is of no use to run a website. Because Google cannot send its representative to so many website owners for checking their website structure exists or not.

Hence, all the webmasters need to add XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt to your website. So that you let the search engine spiders know which web pages are to be traced and indexed and those WebPages that you want to disallow or not to be indexed.

Moreover, if you have an E-Commerce website or if it is large with many pages, then you need to produce an HTML sitemap that serves as a directory that permits your users to easily navigate from one page to another.

URL Structure is another important On-Page SEO criteria that you need to consider as the search engine will be able to understand the purpose of the webpage and accordingly index for the search term that a user inputs in their search engine directory. As per the SEO best practices, we need to have a URL structure that has a readable symbol for spacing, no mixed cases, no numerical, should have the keyword and proper hierarchical flow.

  1. On-Page Content is necessary:

As we all know, adding a considerable quantity of On-Page content on your home page and product pages with the primary keywords and LSI keywords ensures that your website ranks in Google search engine after a month of your SEO campaign.

Be it a small business website or a new start-up, it is compulsory to add 4 to 5 paragraphs of description about your brand with 5 applicable keywords. Likewise, you need to perform a nearby method of your product and service pages. It is necessary to note that using primary keyword only for Title Tag and Meta Description.

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