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On-Page Developing schemes for your website

On-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) known to the practice of developing web pages to enhance a website’s search engine rankings to create live traffic.

Besides, publishing compatible, high-quality content, on-page SEO includes advancing your headlines, HTML tags (title, meta, and header), and images. It also means ensuring your website has a distinguished of competence, conviction, and authenticity.

It takes into account different facets of the webpage that, when added together, will enhance your website’s afterimage look in the search results. Angika technologies regarded as the Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore considers the below factors as the major tools for creating traffic for a website.

  1. E-A-T

E-A-T, stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is the structure that Google raters use to evaluate content creators, Web Pages, and websites in totality.

Google has always put a premium on quality-rich content. It wants to ensure that sites creating superior kind of content are rewarded with better rankings than sites producing low-quality content to get less exposure.

There is an evident relationship between what Google considers quality rich content and what appears in the search results.

Call it correlation or causation – whatever it is, E-A-T is somehow playing a role in Google’s organic search results. Which means E-A-T must be a consideration in your SEO strategy.

  1. Title Tag

The title tag, an HTML tag that exists in the head section of each webpage, offers an elementary idea or context as to what the title of subject matter is of the particular page it is on.

It is displayed boldly in the search engine results pages (generally used as the clickable link) as well as in the browser window.

The title tag by itself has small affect on organic rankings, the reason why it is sometimes overlooked.

Which speaks, missing, identical and poorly written title tags can all unfavourably influence your SEO results, so ensure you’re aximizing for this element.

  1. Meta Description

Since the early days of SEO, meta descriptions have been a significant developing point.

Meta descriptions, meta tags that offers a description of what the page is about, are often highlighted in the SERPs beneath the title of the page. Social media marketing companies in Bangalore are committed follow all the guidelines required to generate traffic for a website.

While Google maintains that meta descriptions don’t help with rankings, there is unreliable evidence that unintended characteristics of superior descriptions do prove useful.

Developing Meta description properly can help enhance:

  • Click-through rate (CTR).
  • Impression of the standard of the result.
  • Impression of what your website offers all change.
  1. Headlines

Want your website content to perform well on search? Then begin writing engrossing headlines.

Coming up with a title for a blog post might seem too basic, but a great headline can mean the difference between a click and an impression – that’s why it’s necessary to design them deliberately.

Your headlines need to induce interest for it to stand unique on the SERPs – alluring users to click through and continue reading the rest of the content.

  1. Header Tags

Header tags are HTML elements (H1-H6) used to recognize headings and subheadings within your content from other kind of text (e.g., paragraph text).

Header tags aren’t as analytically necessary to improve your site rankings as they used to be, but these tags still serve a key function – for your users and your SEO.

They can indirectly affect your rankings by:

  • Enriching your content simpler and more interesting for visitors to read.
  • Offering keyword-rich context about your content for the search engines.
  1. SEO Writing

SEO writing means writing content considering both search engines and users in mind.

There is a scheme behind writing constructive SEO content – and it is more than just keyword research and fill in the blanks.

Simply creating content for the sake of it won’t do. Remember that you’re writing content for people – therefore that content must be enriched with quality, fundamental and relevant.

Angika technologies that is regarded as one of the Best SEO services in Bangalore takes into consideration all the SEO factors that is required to prepare highly viewed website.

  1. Keyword recycle

Is it true or false? The more pages you have directing a keyword, the better you’ll rank for that keyword.


Aiming a particular term across multiple pages can cause “keyword cannibalization” which has some likely catastrophic outcomes for your SEO.

When you have multiple pages ranking for the same keyword, you’re actually competing with yourself.

It’s necessary to recognize whether keyword recycling exists on your website and fix it instantly.

  1. Content Audit

Most content creators are concentrated on creating new content that they forget to audit their existing content. And this is a mistake.

Auditing your existing content is important because it helps you:

  • Assess whether your existing content is achieving its goals and gaining ROI.
  • Recognize whether the information in your content is still exact or has dried out (or even outdated).
  • Discover what kind of content is working for you.
  • Content audits can immensely aid your SEO strategy and they should be done on a repeatedly.
  1. Image Optimization

Adding images is an effective way to make your WebPages more attractive. But not all images are created equal – some can even slow down your website.

Developing images properly will help you make the most of a precious SEO asset.

Image Developing has many merits such as:

  • Extra ranking opportunities (show up on Google Image Search).
  • Better user experience.
  • quicker page load times.
  • Images shouldn’t be an reconsideration. Ensure to add images that support your content and use illustrative titles and alt text.
  1. User Engagement

Enhancing your website’s on-page SEO elements is only half the battle. Angika technologies is the fast emerging Best digital Marketing Company in Bangalore and most preferred IT solution provider with excellent team that aims to offer the best web development services in Bangalore.

The other half lies in confirming that users will not bounce – but instead, they’ll persist viewing your content, interrelating with it, and keep coming back for more.

Holding on to engaged users is a pronounced challenge in itself, but it’s certainly doable. To increase user engagement, focus on perspectives such as site speed, user experience, and content developing, among others.

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