How SEO helped this startup reach 1.5 Crore Sales

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How SEO helped this startup reach 1.5 Crore Sales

SEO has become crucial for e-commerce websites to attain their business goal. With the revolution in the internet, smartphone, and banking industry, the way of doing business has changed. People like to look for information online before buying the actual product or service. The e-commerce website allows customers to seek information and order products at any time without any hassle. 

The business owner takes care of the shipping, return, and refunds. The product page gives the sufficient information about the product/services and customers like it because they visit for many reasons like to seek information, compare prices, know more about the business/services, check customer reviews, curious about the product, etc.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a part of Digital Marketing that helps webpages/websites rank at the top of the search engine result pages(SERPs). 

Hobby India was founded in March 2021 and sells craft supplies that are pre-made art materials like pre-marked MDF bases, wooden bases kids’ room decor, home accessories, personalized lamps, etc. Recently the Surat-based Hobby India was featured in the trending show Shark Tank India 2, Episode 27. The show is produced by Studio NEXT and streams on SONY LIV. 

Hobby India announced that SEO was the backbone to reach their business sales of 1.5 Crore in the financial year 2021–22. Their last month’s turnover was 21.5 lakhs and their entire sales are through their e-commerce website Their planning team is backed up by two SEO executives, two content writers, and one graphic designer. Apart from that they have 28 women as employees to support local women’s empowerment. 

Hobby India founders claim that SEO strategy helps them to target potential customers, execute their plan in a better way and understand customer behavior. Their sales report says that 90% of their customers are women with a sales split of 15% and 85% for readymade and do-it-yourself (DIY) products respectively.

With the SEO they have got a clear indication that around 35% of their customers are from South India, 15% are from the Mumbai region, 15% are from Delhi, and the remaining 35% are from the rest of India. The SEO has also helped them plan their standard operating procedure (SOP) making them significantly cut their operating cost and sell some products between Rs. 220 to Rs. 250.

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