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Karmik Setu and Sharmik Setu Mobile App Launch

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the lockdown was announced by the Indian Government and this had resulted to suspend all the human activities which in turn affected the construction sector to face heavy loss and loss of jobs to the laborers. As most of the laborers in India are uneducated and are migrants from another state, and not capable of discovering a job, so the Swakriti Enterprises in association with Karnataka-Bihar Foundation Trust under leadership of Mr Swaraj Sinha came with an idea to solve the problem with a launch of an online platform called Karmik Setu and Sharmik Setu App.

Karmik Setu and Sharmik Setu App is a recently launched online platform that directly connects contractors to migrant laborers. It is free to use that is developed by Angika Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore  and is offered by Swakriti Enterprises in association with the Karnataka-Bihar Foundation Trust. It was launched by the BJP leader Mr. C T Ravi – Minister of Kannada and Culture of Karnataka in Bengaluru on 17th June 2020 in the presence of the other trust members. The initiative was taken with an aim at social service Rebuilding lives for Migrant Workers by providing facility in Health, Education & Livelihood Needs in the crisis like COVID-19 and various natural calamity, and the idea received full support from the Government of various state and central government..

The responsibility for developing the two different mobile applications was taken up positively by Angika Technologies Private Limited with Swakriti Enterprises by the support from the Karnataka-Bihar Foundation Trust after discovering the problem faced by migrant karmik during Covid19, with the aim of rebuilding lives for migrant workers. The two different Apps were developed within a span of 14 days. The hard work and dedication of the App Development team is highly appreciable, the App development team consisted of skilled developers which were headed by Mr. Prabhakar Kumar Singh along with Mr. Prinsh Kumar and Mr. Pradeep Kumar N S. They spent day and night in front of the system to meet the project deadline. The day of the launch was the happiest moment for them. Application tester Mr. Prinsh Kumar describes the working experience as awesome and memorable for working day and night in the lockdown.

The labors seeking jobs need to register on the App just by providing their basic details of identification, currently App is available on Google Play Store for download. Karmik Setu and Sharmik Setu Apps are very simple to use and user friendly. The basic rights of the laborers are fully secured under the labor law which includes provident fund(PF), Employees’ State Insurance(ESI), group insurance, and other benefits for him and his family that can be enjoyed during their work period.

We hope that the App will help million of laborers across the country to choose their job in the desired sector and location so that they do not suffer from unemployment and become capable to feed their family members along with taking care of health, education, and livelihood needs of their family members.

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