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Top 5 email marketing tips for brands to follow

Email is one of the most successful marketing methods for spreading a message. Studies have shown that email marketing helps generate more sales than other forms of social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

Joining to target audiences with the right message through email marketing is in absolute demand by brands. By integrating email marketing in a digital campaign, small brands not only can produce more quality leads but can also connect to their possibilities at a higher level in the sales funnel, in due course transforming them into lucrative customers.

The suitable procedure should be followed for constructing emails that include proper goals, short and reachable subject lines, appealing design and strategic content to grab the short attention period of customers. Angika technologies the fast emerging & popular Web Designing Company in Bangalore adopts and analyzes on some practical and effective email marketing tips:

  1. Customize emails

Customization is one of the key factors that brands need to concentrate on to succeed in every campaign. However, people misunderstand personalization as only addressing a subscriber by name or drafting an email in an informal manner. Although this is necessary, there’s more to Customization such as:

  • Being admissible
  • Sending emails on time
  • Predicting the subscriber’s needs

By ascending the capacity of personalization, brands can make their subscribers feel special, which in turn lifts up the possibilities of them doing business with the brand. Also, adding one’s own touch to email marketing has a direct influence on the number of Lead Conversions. As for content part in the emails, keywords play a significant role, so Angika technologies the popular Social media marketing services in Bangalore is quickly emerging to be most preferred for email marketing by various industries.

  1. Email segmentation

The emails that are being sent to aim customers need to be relevant to their interests. Emails suited to the recipient tend to drive 18 times more revenue when compared to generalized emails.  Angika technology which is the popular web development services in Bangalore composes of experts who specialize in exact segmentation of emails used on marketing purpose.

Email segmentation involves dividing an email list into more refined targeted groups. This can help brands aim customers based on one’s own inclinations. Also, segmenting an email list based on the customer’s age, gender, geographical location and customer’s personality helps a brand send relevant and meaningful emails. This raises the possibilities of getting a higher number of sales in the future.

Given below is the different method to divide an email list based on segment:

  • Sending frequency
  • Survey results
  • Previous purchases
  • Purchase cycle
  • Email activity
  1. Consistency of emails

Brands often tend to have the fear of being marked a spammer. However, brands can take it easy if they are sending out emails to subscribers who have voluntarily joined the email list. When businesses are making an effort to prepare and bring up a list of loyal subscribers who read their emails on a regularly, there should be no hesitation in sending daily or weekly emails because this in due course helps to rise the number of sales.

  1. Short and clear emails

Email messages to subscribers should be short, brief, relevant and clear. Such emails help brands receive superior results from the campaign. Keeping emails brief, interesting and relevant also makes it simpler for people to take the desired action. Angika technologies renowned as one of the Best CMS services in Bangalore uses content which are to the point in communicating the idea towards the prospective customers.

Some tips on how to keep emails short without mistaking it are given below:

  • Drafting necessary to deliver the exact message
  • Use bullet points to break the email
  • Attach only one key call-to-action

Also, keep in mind that most subscribers are likely to read an email on a mobile phone than on a desktop. Therefore, taking the reliable approach will be more affordable and influential upon readers.

  1. Meaningful subject-line

The open rate of emails exclusively depends on the subject line. According to a study, emails having a personalized subject-line have 26% more open rate when compared to emails with a generic and non-personalized subject-line. Therefore the subject lines should be straightforward and transparent revealing what the content in the body could be about. As a result, for brands, it is not only about opening the emails once, but also building an honest relationship with subscribers so that they open the emails again.

Few tips that can be followed while crafting subject-lines:

Get connected to subscribers on an emotional level so that they enjoy reading emails. The subject lines should be natural to give them the impression that they are receiving emails from a real human and not a robot.

Longer subject lines needs to be avoided as they tend to be misleading at times and also difficult to read and understand instantly.

Emails that are personalized are more likely to be liked and shared. But avoid going overboard with it as it may come off as unprofessional.

Brands must definitely ensure that their emails deliver what the audiences want to hear. The above email marketing tips may seem to be simple but when implemented, can deliver desired results. Correct steps taken at the right time can gradually prove to be useful and may support to achieve success quickly.

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