Top 10 SEO Responsive Web Design Benefits

Top 10 SEO Responsive Web Design Benefits

Top 10 SEO Responsive Web Design Benefits
Top 10 SEO Responsive Web Design Benefits

Over 60 percent of websites do not relish the convenience of responsive web design. That’s two-thirds of website holders without advanced web design. By magnifying your SEO (search engine optimization) policy, you can boost your rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages).

If you want to advantage over your competitors, you must ensure your trend at the top of the Google results page in your calling.

Check out to find out more about the top 10 web design and SEO benefits of responsive web design.


  1. Manifold Device Friendly

Flexible or responsive web design modifies to contrasting screen sizes when users shift between tablets and laptops.

Your website must instantly accommodate itself to suit different users. If your website can be successfully displayed on every size and quality of the screen, this makes it simple for search engines to crawl and index your website’s content.

If you don’t have a receptive website, search engines like Google have to crawl and index multiple versions of your website to ensure it functions on other devices.


  1. Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Boosted

Did you know that Google supports mobile-friendly websites more? It is because mobile gadgets are handier and easy to use thus it is considered as more user-friendly compared to desktop or any other electronic device.

Since 2015, Google brought a change to the algorithm which used “mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal” on SERPs.

This change occurred following news that over 60 percent of Google searches are now from mobile devices, such as smartphones.

The quantity of mobile searches is expected to continue to grow over for the next few years. You need to get your website adapted in order to be more responsive to mobile services so as to improve your SEO ranking.


  1. Enhances Speed of Your Website

According to the Wire, internet users believe websites to load in the blink of an eye. If your website takes longer than a couple of seconds, you’ve got a problem. People don’t want to have to wait for a website to load while they’re on the go.

There are so many websites that load rapidly but if your website isn’t speedy, users will prefer elsewhere. People will get frustrated by your website and they may probably not return to it in the future after they have a poor online experience.

By ensuring you have a responsive web design, you can make sure your website is speedy for your users on any device. Without huge files on your website, Google can deliver a faster loading speed.


  1. Keeps Bounce Rate Low

Have you ever found yourself on a website for a couple of seconds before clicking off?

The number of times people visit a single web page on your website before leaving is your bounce rate. Google crawls websites to monitor the bounce rate and boosts your SEO ranking accordingly.

The bounce rate is the time people spend on a page on your website before them “bounce back” i.e. they click off.

So what makes people bounce back? Quality content? Sure? Some people say that design matters more than content. If you have appealing quality web design and content you can be assured your audience sticking to your website for longer durations.

Un-Responsive web design is one of the biggest drivers of a greater bounce rate. By ensuring that your website has an n attractive quality web design, you can make sure your visitors stick around for a longer time.


  1. Better User Experience

Improving the user experience on your website is another way to improve your SEO rankings.

You need to make sure visitors can navigate through your website without any problems. Users need to be able to find the web page or content they’re looking for.

By improving user experience on your website, you can increase how long your users spend on your site. People don’t leave websites that they’re enjoying.


  1. It is Affordable

You can spend a fortune in marketing on PPC advertisements and expensive digital marketing methods.

But ensuring you have a single responsive website is a much more reasonable way to improve your SEO rankings.


  1. Grows Your Backlinks:-

    Link-building is the cornerstone of any sound SEO strategy. The greater quality of reliable and sound websites gets backlinking to your website in a better manner. It’s not about aggregate but the standard of the links to your site.

Google sees backlinks as an allusion that you’re offering your users with precious standard content. As a result, they help grow your ranking on SERPs.

If you have several domains, you can’t focus your endeavors on a single website. By building your links on a single domain, you can intensify the sensibility of your website and develop your SEO at the same time.

This also consists of ensuring your business and local listings remain intact. Maintain the name of your company, address and contact numbers consistent across platforms.


  1. Avoid Duplicate Content

When talking about website designing, avoiding duplicate content is a key benefit. You can be grateful to responsive web design for it will stop you from creating innumerable websites for multiple devices, because multiple websites can harm your SEO big time.


Not only that, countless websites for computer and mobile devices will make google algorithm see them as they are i.e. duplicate websites with similar content. This will lead to a heavy google levy. I’m sure getting penalized isn’t on your plan to grow your brand.


If all your web content is on a single domain google can easily look up, index and organize your content efficiently.


  1. Increases Social media Sharing


Other than that, if you have a single link to all the versions of your website your link building becomes simpler and hence your search engine optimization (SEO) rank goes higher.

Every website holder’s dream is to see his content going viral across social media.

But it will be difficult for your users to share content on Facebook or Twitter if they can’t consume the content on mobile devices?

After all, 80 percent of social media activity occurs on mobile devices. If you don’t have a responsive web design, you won’t be able to relish the SEO advantages.


  1. Google’s Algorithm

When we talk of SEO, Google boosts sites on results pages that have responsive web design, it becomes necessary for every website.

Did you know that Google has nearly 85 percent of the market share for search engines?


SEO Benefits and Web Design

There are huge SEO benefits of responsive web design. You simply cannot afford to be missing out the boost to your Google rankings.

If you’re looking for other SEO tips and tricks to improve your Google ranking, check out our blog for more information.

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