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Why do website developers and graphic designers work at low prices in India?

It is because both customers and Service providers are responsible for the same:-


According to leading marketing consultants for digital technology, clients working through diverse domains in India are not serious enough regarding digital marketing even today, when information and technology is booming in the Indian Market. They have reservations for spending on marketing their products and services through efficient digital marketing forums. Branding assets and website development for their commercial purposes can reach at a nominal expenditure is what they think. They are of an opinion that it is a financial wastage on website creation and social media marketing as it is nothing but a copy-paste job.

Although, with the spread of extensive exposure to social media and growing use of smart phones have brought a change in this attitude amongst people who are now willing to opt for this method of marketing, but many amateur freelancers do this job of digital marketing for them at a very reasonable price. Thus, the final output suffers from poor standard. Yet, in majority of instances, both customers and service providers seem to be satisfied with the output; hence this becomes a gainful situation for both the parties.

But a problem occurs when the price at which the work is executed starts growing at par with the industry standard.

Way back in 2014-15 when many used the UrbanClapp app for growing their web-development services and they would charge around Rs 15000, for it while freelancers charged only 5000/- for the same. At such instances, clients generally preferred the ones who charged three times less the amount a professional web developer charged as it would be more affordable to his budget.

Service Providers:

There is no requirement of any university degree for providing services like graphic designing and website development. There are several online & offline courses available for acquiring these skills. Many free courses can be acquired from YouTube too. In order to become a professional web development service provider, one must learn important tools available, technologies, and processes.  It is necessary to participate in as many networking events as you can, to design your own network. Try to bring more creative ideas to your work. Provide professional services at a premium cost

One should build relationship sound relationship with the clients you work with which will give you financial stability in the long run.

The customer acquisition cost is always higher for any kind of business. Increasing the lifetime value of the customers helps in creating a gainful business.

As a result we have an increasing number of professional Graphic Designers and Website Developers available in the competitive market. But with such huge competitive market a big imbalance in the supply and demand has emerged in this area. Taking advantage of this competition, service providers, especially freelancers quote very low prices to grab a client.

This competition increases the bargaining power of the clients and the willingness of the service providers to do the work at such low price is affecting those professionals who do a quality job systematically and carefully.

Important points for Customers:

But what they need to understand is that Branding, Websites, Social Media Channels, etc. are various interactive mediums between company and their own customers. These are significant point of interests of your company and you must get it enhanced from professionals who understand intricate know-how’s of it.

The customers must always have deep rooted goals. Grabbing clients by quoting low price will steadily aid in making profit in a short period, but will not be beneficial in future.

The customers (traders) who seek to develop a professional website for their business must know that all the services at such low costs. When they provide the first service at a very low cost, the client will always expect the services to provide at similar low price in near future also. This will be beneficial for the specific business for a short time but will risk losses in the long run as it does not satisfy the traders financially later on.

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