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What is Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool offered by Google that helps webmasters monitor, maintain and troubleshoot websites. It gives insight into site performance, impressions, clicks, top-ranking pages, top keywords, average position, etc on the search engine result pages. Moreover, the Google search console detects page issues and troubleshoots itself.

Google search console can be used for the following actions

  1. Check webpage traffic and analyze using impressions, clicks, average position on the search engine result page(SERP), and queries on a specific or range of dates.
  2. Inspect live URLs and fix indexing issues.
  3. Check for issues like indexing, spam, page reload, etc.
  4. Other websites that link to your website
  5. Check and troubleshoot issues like AMP, readability, mobile usability, etc.
  6. Create multiple properties to analyze a set of data.
  7. Request Google crawler to ignore specific links
  8. Submit sitemap

The Google search console allows the admin to add multiple users who can view and perform actions depending upon their role given. It is commonly used by web developers, SEO specialists, site administrators, and business owners. Marketers and SEO specialists use Google search console to analyze and prepare strategies to rank at the top of search engines and bring more organic traffic. It gives deep insight into how the website is performing on the Google search engine result page(SERP).

There are many other tools available to check website traffic but they are not free to use whereas Google search console is free to use lifetime. Most people trust more on Google search console reports.

Website property in Google search console:

A search console property is a term to examine or manage individual things related to a website. A user can create up to 1000 properties in a single search console account.

Google search console terms:

  1. Clicks – Number of times users have clicked your webpage link and are directed to your website.
  2. Impressions – Total number of times users’ webpage links appeared on the search result page and users saw it.
  3. Click Through Rate(CTR) – It is the ratio of clicks to impressions that tells the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click.
  4. Average position – The average position of a website on Google’s search result page.
  5. Queries – Queries are a set of words users search on Google.

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