How to compress images online

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How to compress images online

We are often asked to compress images and upload them while filling out online applications such as GATE, UPSC, educational institutions, banking, and competitive exam forms where the database is collected and stored for future use. They set the prescribed limit on image size while accepting the online application.

Image compression is a technique for reducing the image size by retaining the quality of the image which means even if the size is reduced, the quality is retained not fully but up to the optimum level. The fixed image size helps the host or data collectors to plan for their database management. Computer engineers have developed algorithms that reduce the image size but the quality is not affected much.

What happens when the image is compressed?

When an image is compressed some bits of information that don’t affect the image are removed in order to reduce its overall size.

There are different types of image compression techniques but they fall into one of two types

  • Lossless – Algorithms with lossless techniques reduce the file without reducing its quality.
  • Lossy – Algorithms with lossy technique reduce the size and quality of the image.

One of the best image compression that we encounter in our daily lives is on WhatsApp. When we share an image on WhatsApp the receiver gets the compressed form of the image. The image clarity(resolution) is not the same as that of the original but it can be accepted. If you want to share the exact image without compression on WhatsApp, then select Document in the chat and then select the image, now received gets the original image.

How to compress images:

Many online image compression tools are available on the internet offering free service. All you need to search for the keywords like “compress image online” or “online image compress” and you will see many links appear on the search engine result page(SERP) and click one of them. Most of them offer free and support for all image formats like jpeg, png, gif, jfif.

Some data collectors ask to upload images in particular formats so you can use tools image converter tools that are also offered by image compression tools.


  1. Visit any site offering a free online image compression service.
  2. The online tool offers to upload files directly from the computer or via Google Drive.
  3. Some tools allow single image upload and some multiple.
  4. Some tools also ask for the percentage/quality of image compression with desired width and height in pixels.
  5. Attach the photo and update the necessary details and click on compress image.
  6. The image will be compressed in less than 10 seconds and you will be able to download and save it on your device.

Check the size of the compressed image if it is still higher then repeat again by increasing the percentage of compression.

Stay Cautious, not all free tools are safe:

Not all free online tools available on the internet are safe, it is your responsibility to be smart and stay cautious.

  • If your antivirus/malware defender/browser DOES NOT recommend you to visit that site, then do not proceed.
  • If the site is not secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), then don’t visit that site. A site with SSL will have
  • Image compression tools do not require any information like name, email id, address, or contact number. Do not share such information
  • Read their privacy and data security policy.

Stay vigilant while you upload confidential or sensitive images.

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